North x Mikkeller Imperial Stout


It was North Brewing Co’s Birthday! – and they didn’t have a party… Instead, they brewed a liquid cake with Mikkeller’s brewpub in Exmouth!

Are you sitting down? This the biggest beer they’ve ever brewed. S-lick, smooth, and weighing in at 12.5%, they’ve thrown everything they’ve got at it, they’ve never seen their brewers nurse a brew like this before.

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A lovely spread of speciality malts makes up the grist along with lots of gorgeous cakey additions! Mild Ale, Munich, Crystal-B, Chocolate, Black, Roast Wheat, Naked Oats, Chit, Muscovado Sugar, Cinnamon and Cocoa Powder combine to make a rich and complex luxurious black liquid full of gooey decadent dark chocolate brownie and chewy toffee flavours.

They’ve added organic Madagascan Vanilla and Cocoa Nibs to heighten the sweetness and for some nutty praline flavours then finished with a selected espresso coffee roast from our friends at North Star Coffee empowering bitter finish! A birthday cake to remember!

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